Technology that keeps 'your' advantage

With technology always changing it is a challenge to maintain an advantage over other printers. We continue to invest in the latest technologies to keep our advantage. With technologies from Kodak's newest PDF workflow, Prinergy, to our online proofing system, InSite, our prepress department can output great quality work. Also, technology like CIP3 allows a better flow of information from prepress to press. We believe in reinvesting in the latest technology because it helps us give the customer faster turn times and a better final product.

Job estimates at are based on interior text submitted as high-resolution PDF. Unlike high-end software (Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign and Quark XPress) that was designed to specifically produce graphic-rich documents for print, creating print-ready PDFs from Microsoft Word requires custom settings that will ensure all fonts are embedded and all images are output at full resolution. Please download the instructions for converting Microsoft Word to PDF.

InSite is a tool available to you! The following documents explain the benefits of InSite as well as the ease of proofing through InSite. Please download the PDFs below or let your Account Representative know you are interested in more information on InSite.


InSite Client Guide

Overprint Preview - When viewing PDF files in Acrobat Professional or Acrobat Reader you must have your Overprint Preview enabled in order for the proof to view accurately. We've put together the attached information sheet on how to confirm if your Overprint Preview is enabled.

Color Profiles - Graphic design software often prompts the user to assign a color profile, in turn prompting the customer to ask us which profile they should use.  The tip sheet explains how we use color profiles.

Dropbox Sharing - Dropbox sharing of folders that require passwords is not practical for us.  This outlines the correct way to link to Dropbox files.

Convert to CMYK Using InDesign Export - This gives customers the option of converting interior text PDFs to CMYK when they Export from InDesign - a far better option than having us batch convert to CMYK.

Endsheet Setup - Outlines how to set up endsheets with printing on both sides

InDesign Gutter Margin Preview - Either in their supplied files or our proofs, customers are often concerned about the display of a sliver of the adjoining spread page in the gutter bleed, which is simply a preview “feature.”

PDF Stitching Lines - One of the most common questions we hear in the PrePress Department concerns those pesky “white lines” that are visible on screen in pdf files. The bottom line on the lines is:

  • they are a display-only apparition – called “stitching” - they will not print
  • you can make adjustments to your display in Acrobat to remove them:
    Go to your Acrobat Preferences, and in the Page Display Tab UNCLICK “Smooth Line Art” and “Smooth Images”. By doing this, you will create another problem — if you had turned any of your text to outlines - that will now display poorly and pixellated.
    Again, it will not print that way. These are just unfortunate side-effects of bridging the gap between software that handles transparency and PostScript imaging language that does not.